Monday, October 1, 2012


Before Picture
The view looking out the art room windows has greatly improved this year, thanks to some very hard working volunteers.  Instead of staring out to a non-inspirational brick wall, there is now a paved patio space and garden area! 
 A dream since Twin Lakes opened finally transpired and the results are astonishing!    
And AFTER!!  Much Better :)
Not only does our new garden add aesthetic appeal to our school, but it will also serve as an alternative learning area.  Students and teachers can use the space as an outdoor classroom.  Reading, drawing, or even natural sciences could be performed in the garden.   It is a place to learn, grow, and inspire students to be their very best!

To make sure everyone feels a special connection to this garden, ALL students at TLE have painted a rock.  Some of the staff even got in on the rock painting FUN!!  For a grand total of almost 900 ROCKS!!  
Every rock has a personality and charm, just like the students at TLE.  These rocks will be wonderful addition to our “Garden of Inspiration.”     


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