Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ahh scrapbooking, how I LOVE you!  But FINISHING an entire scrapbook is quite a daughting task.  (According to our scrapbooks my kids are 9 months old - not 3 and 1/2.  Yes, I am a little behind.)   With project I was got my "scrap fix" and finished it one day!!  And it sure adds some cheery- ness to my room! Sometimes it's the little things . . . right!

Close up of a frame

I was 1st inspired by this Pin, it was for a weekly schedule in your home, so I modified it a bit!  Within each frame I will list the current project/concept each grade is working on.  It is dry erase markers on the glass, so changing concepts is a cinch!  Then any visitor to my room will know what's happening at a glance. 

THE SCHEDULE,  as an Art Specialists I live and die my the schedule and digital days (Right?? I am sure you would all agree).  So added a little scrappin' to my schedule too! 

Again, it's the little things  . . .  


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