Friday, September 21, 2012

I don't know if it's me that's not ready or the kindergartners  . . . . Maybe it's both!  But jumping into painting with K's is a little crazy if you ask me.  I like to take it a little slower and get to know the art room rules and expectations in a kindergarten friendly way :)

So we start with a backpack. Just like their backpack only mine is filled with art stuff (and few photos of my family . . . You know the important things!! )  I try to put in enough stuff for every students to take one item form the bag.  We also briefly talk about how we could use it in the art room.

Then in the front pocket I have our "Rules" - Smile (it's art Class) Respect ("love" the art materials and everyone in it) and Try (it's OK to make mistakes but you have to try 1st)

And finally so they can make some art I have my kindergartners draw Mrs.  Schultz!  It's stinking cute to see how I look through the eyes of a kindergartener.   Plus, it gives me a quick chance assess where their ability levels are starting from. 

All in all FUN tear free 1st Day! BONUS  . . . . And no worries K's WILL paint next time!

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