Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Curtis, Ollie, and Me
On Friday October 28th chainsaw artist Curtis Ingvoldstad, from St. Paul, Minnesota, visited our school!  And he was absolutely amazing!! I am still giddy about it today (or it could be from all of the Halloween candy!!) Either way Friday could go down as one of my best teaching days!  BIG SMILES!!!

School watching Curtis carve
It was an absolute honor to have Curtis share his talents and time with Twin Lakes.  He discussed some of his past works, his tools and his artistic process with students.  Then, as part of his presentation he also did a live chainsaw carving of a bald eagle!!   I heard nothing but positive comments from staff and students.  A few students have even decided to become a chainsaw carver when they grow up! (heart sigh!)

I also commissioned Curtis to carve Ollie, an otter (our mascot).  I was stunned by the otter, it far exceeded my expectations!   Now all of the students want to hug or pet our otter ~ precious!  Ollie is a big deal at our school.

I highly recommend Curtis Ingvoldstad  to anyone interested in woodcarving!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

With September almost over I decided I NEED to set some goals for the year.  Not that I haven't had goals during my other years of teaching but this year I really want to make them a priority!  So my hope is that by posting them here on my blog.  I will be more likely to follow through.  So here goes . . . .
  • Keep blog up-to-date (going to post at least twice a month - I know not that great in blogging standards, but it's a start, right!)
  • Update school website with photos
  • Create Artist Visits with my school - I have 1 booked for October, but I would like 1 more in the spring
  • Acquire remaining funds for outdoor classroom = write a GRANT!  
  • Finish plan and "break ground"  for outdoor classroom . . . getting close!
  • Drink more water (OK, not a school goal but I need to do this too!) 
  • Delegate, Delegate!  Ask for help and let other take over some duties with Arts Night, etc.
  • Focus art projects on students success and enjoyment of ART!  

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Since I only see my students once a day every five days.  I have spent the last week doing rules and review with every class, every hour!  UGH!  Today I finally get to dive into the "real" stuff!  Yes kids we WILL make art today!!  Time to roll up the sleeves I am ready to get messy! 

Friday, January 28, 2011

At times I find my self trying to wrap too much into each project!  This project was actually created as a time filler for those that finished early but it turned out so great I had the whole class paint one.
  • Wet-on-wet (cool) watercolors were used to paint the background.  
  • Once dried students added trees and snowflakes with white tempera - focusing on lines
  • We also painted shadows in the snow with watercolor

It reminded me it's OK to keep things simple sometimes.  Plus the best part it didn't take several art classes to finish!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

With all the sub zero temperatures we have had in Minnesota lately it is so nice to have cheery suns to "warm" the art room!

3rd grade working on sun project

3rd grade focused on color wheel review while creating a sun. They had to use primary colors in the border, secondary colors in the background, and intermediate in the sun. 

I plan on hanging them up for conferences (in March).  Hopefully it will be a warmer and sunny then.  Although in Minnesota you never know.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Holy Clay Batman - Plus there was more in the KILN!!
As an incentive for the fundraiser, each class who turned in 40% of their orders would receive a "free clay day" - where they could make ANYTHING they wanted.  Well needless to say the kids were pretty jazzed about making anything.  And it sounded good in theory but making, firing, painting ad distributing 750+ clay projects before break was a headache.  I clay everywhere!   Check done on that one.  Will I do it again next year . .  jury is still out
Since I am new to the blog.  I thought I would start by sharing my 1st projects this year.  This year was the first time I tried Square 1 Art (http://www.square1art.com/), as a art fundraiser for my school.  And let me tell ya' it was A SUCCESS!!  The projects turned out FABULOUS, then parents LOVED them, and it raised extra funds for the art room - yeah - yeah - YEAH!!  I highly recommend Square 1 to any school.

We did SQ1 for the whole school k-5. Projects focuesed on reviewing grade level concepts from the previous year. It was also a great way to get the year rolling and have 1 project finished before the end of 1st quarter

The following are sample projects for each grade level:

1st Grade Geometric City - Shape Review
2nd grade Sunflower - Warm/Cool Colors
3rd grade Owls - Shape/Line Design and Warm/Cool Colors
4th Grade Blue Dog - Color Wheel Review

5th Grade Profile/Portrait - Warm/Cool Colors 

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