Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Curtis, Ollie, and Me
On Friday October 28th chainsaw artist Curtis Ingvoldstad, from St. Paul, Minnesota, visited our school!  And he was absolutely amazing!! I am still giddy about it today (or it could be from all of the Halloween candy!!) Either way Friday could go down as one of my best teaching days!  BIG SMILES!!!

School watching Curtis carve
It was an absolute honor to have Curtis share his talents and time with Twin Lakes.  He discussed some of his past works, his tools and his artistic process with students.  Then, as part of his presentation he also did a live chainsaw carving of a bald eagle!!   I heard nothing but positive comments from staff and students.  A few students have even decided to become a chainsaw carver when they grow up! (heart sigh!)

I also commissioned Curtis to carve Ollie, an otter (our mascot).  I was stunned by the otter, it far exceeded my expectations!   Now all of the students want to hug or pet our otter ~ precious!  Ollie is a big deal at our school.

I highly recommend Curtis Ingvoldstad  to anyone interested in woodcarving!


Jen said...

That is a pretty neat experience for your students to see!

Mrs. Schultz said...

Thank you is really was great!

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