Friday, January 28, 2011

At times I find my self trying to wrap too much into each project!  This project was actually created as a time filler for those that finished early but it turned out so great I had the whole class paint one.
  • Wet-on-wet (cool) watercolors were used to paint the background.  
  • Once dried students added trees and snowflakes with white tempera - focusing on lines
  • We also painted shadows in the snow with watercolor

It reminded me it's OK to keep things simple sometimes.  Plus the best part it didn't take several art classes to finish!!!


Mrs. Skojec said...

Okay, I'm liking your work so far, but you stopped posting! Come on, I want to see more!

Are those twins taking up all your time? I'm a twin and I can tell you it is great!

Good luck!

ArtMuse said...

Welcome to the 'blog-sphere'! I was perusing through your posts and read over the one about having a free clay day. I've done something like that but used some leftover colored model magic, which made the whole process a little easier! Happy blogging :)

Mrs. Schultz said...

YES, Mrs. Skojec, they DO take up a ton of my time! But it is super fun!!! I am going really keep this blog up=to-date this year. . . Stay tuned!

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