Thursday, October 18, 2012

I am not going to lie this project stressed me out a bit. !!  Mainly because it was for a fundraiser, I wanted it to meet parents expectations.  However,  I should waited with my reaction until the project was complete.  In the end I  was pleased finished projects!   (- insert - BIG Sigh-O-Relief!!)

Here is the process:
Fist, students wrote name (first or last) on a square sheet of paper - folded on the diagonal - Name had to FILL the space. Next, their name was traced on the window, creating a mirror image below.

On to the  Foam Printing Plate  . . . This was a little tricky for my 5th grade.  Each paper square was taped on top of a foam square of the same size.  Students transferred the paper image to the foam by pressing into it with a plastic stick.  Once all letters were traced into the foam, we removed the paper  and made sure you could see each letter.  Often students needed to retrace letters or press harder into the foam.

And PRINT!!!  Inked up Foam "print plates" were stamped onto a larger square sheet of paper.   each  was rotate to the right so each point matched at the center.  I had students draw a star at the corner (or # each corner) that was to match in the middle, each time.  The students of course like the PRINTING part.  Actually had one student say, "Thanks for letting us have so much today in Art!"  ((Warm Fuzzy Moment!))

If I could RE-DO . . .  Since this was for a fundraiser I was limited by the size 8 1/2 x 8 1/2.  I think a larger size would have helped a bit.  And of course we were in a time crunch to finish on time.  So more time to reprint may also have helped.
I don't know if this project will be made again next year  . . . a work in progress, maybe. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ahh scrapbooking, how I LOVE you!  But FINISHING an entire scrapbook is quite a daughting task.  (According to our scrapbooks my kids are 9 months old - not 3 and 1/2.  Yes, I am a little behind.)   With project I was got my "scrap fix" and finished it one day!!  And it sure adds some cheery- ness to my room! Sometimes it's the little things . . . right!

Close up of a frame

I was 1st inspired by this Pin, it was for a weekly schedule in your home, so I modified it a bit!  Within each frame I will list the current project/concept each grade is working on.  It is dry erase markers on the glass, so changing concepts is a cinch!  Then any visitor to my room will know what's happening at a glance. 

THE SCHEDULE,  as an Art Specialists I live and die my the schedule and digital days (Right?? I am sure you would all agree).  So added a little scrappin' to my schedule too! 

Again, it's the little things  . . .  

Monday, October 1, 2012


Before Picture
The view looking out the art room windows has greatly improved this year, thanks to some very hard working volunteers.  Instead of staring out to a non-inspirational brick wall, there is now a paved patio space and garden area! 
 A dream since Twin Lakes opened finally transpired and the results are astonishing!    
And AFTER!!  Much Better :)
Not only does our new garden add aesthetic appeal to our school, but it will also serve as an alternative learning area.  Students and teachers can use the space as an outdoor classroom.  Reading, drawing, or even natural sciences could be performed in the garden.   It is a place to learn, grow, and inspire students to be their very best!

To make sure everyone feels a special connection to this garden, ALL students at TLE have painted a rock.  Some of the staff even got in on the rock painting FUN!!  For a grand total of almost 900 ROCKS!!  
Every rock has a personality and charm, just like the students at TLE.  These rocks will be wonderful addition to our “Garden of Inspiration.”     

Friday, September 21, 2012

I don't know if it's me that's not ready or the kindergartners  . . . . Maybe it's both!  But jumping into painting with K's is a little crazy if you ask me.  I like to take it a little slower and get to know the art room rules and expectations in a kindergarten friendly way :)

So we start with a backpack. Just like their backpack only mine is filled with art stuff (and few photos of my family . . . You know the important things!! )  I try to put in enough stuff for every students to take one item form the bag.  We also briefly talk about how we could use it in the art room.

Then in the front pocket I have our "Rules" - Smile (it's art Class) Respect ("love" the art materials and everyone in it) and Try (it's OK to make mistakes but you have to try 1st)

And finally so they can make some art I have my kindergartners draw Mrs.  Schultz!  It's stinking cute to see how I look through the eyes of a kindergartener.   Plus, it gives me a quick chance assess where their ability levels are starting from. 

All in all FUN tear free 1st Day! BONUS  . . . . And no worries K's WILL paint next time!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Curtis, Ollie, and Me
On Friday October 28th chainsaw artist Curtis Ingvoldstad, from St. Paul, Minnesota, visited our school!  And he was absolutely amazing!! I am still giddy about it today (or it could be from all of the Halloween candy!!) Either way Friday could go down as one of my best teaching days!  BIG SMILES!!!

School watching Curtis carve
It was an absolute honor to have Curtis share his talents and time with Twin Lakes.  He discussed some of his past works, his tools and his artistic process with students.  Then, as part of his presentation he also did a live chainsaw carving of a bald eagle!!   I heard nothing but positive comments from staff and students.  A few students have even decided to become a chainsaw carver when they grow up! (heart sigh!)

I also commissioned Curtis to carve Ollie, an otter (our mascot).  I was stunned by the otter, it far exceeded my expectations!   Now all of the students want to hug or pet our otter ~ precious!  Ollie is a big deal at our school.

I highly recommend Curtis Ingvoldstad  to anyone interested in woodcarving!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

With September almost over I decided I NEED to set some goals for the year.  Not that I haven't had goals during my other years of teaching but this year I really want to make them a priority!  So my hope is that by posting them here on my blog.  I will be more likely to follow through.  So here goes . . . .
  • Keep blog up-to-date (going to post at least twice a month - I know not that great in blogging standards, but it's a start, right!)
  • Update school website with photos
  • Create Artist Visits with my school - I have 1 booked for October, but I would like 1 more in the spring
  • Acquire remaining funds for outdoor classroom = write a GRANT!  
  • Finish plan and "break ground"  for outdoor classroom . . . getting close!
  • Drink more water (OK, not a school goal but I need to do this too!) 
  • Delegate, Delegate!  Ask for help and let other take over some duties with Arts Night, etc.
  • Focus art projects on students success and enjoyment of ART!  

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Since I only see my students once a day every five days.  I have spent the last week doing rules and review with every class, every hour!  UGH!  Today I finally get to dive into the "real" stuff!  Yes kids we WILL make art today!!  Time to roll up the sleeves I am ready to get messy! 

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